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Joining a CSG

  1. Find a CSG to join on our list of all active groups
  2. Click the group name and fill out the registration form
  3. Activate G+ in your Google account
  4. Watch your email for an invitation to the G+ group, and an email with instructions
  5. If you don’t get both within 24 hours, call us at 1-800-861-5172 or email


Payments are processed securely on a monthly recurring basis. You’ll be asked to sign up for recurring billing as part of the registration process. Please contact us at any time if you want to cancel or make changes to your payment arrangements.

Note: Because our registration/payment form is integrated into our website via a secure external service (Wufoo), your credit card information is not actually sent through our website, so you won’t see the “secure” icon on our website. Your payment information goes directly and securely to our credit card processor in the background. (If you want the geeky details, we use Wufoo forms with Stripe credit card processing managed on a recurring basis by Chargify. They are rock-solid and secure companies – here’s Stripe’s explanationhere’s Chargify’s, ​and here’s Wufoo’s).

How to Activate G+ in your Google Account

Google+ is included with every Gmail account, but it can be turned off. Here’s how to enable it:​

  • Sign in to Gmail and click your name in the upper right-hand corner, then select Account
  • In the left-hand menu, select Google+
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to enable Google+

Note: If your are using a Google Apps for Education account, your system administrator may disable G+. If that’s the case, you will need to register for your CSG with a personal Gmail account. If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can create one at

If you have a non-Gmail email address, you can use it to sign up for a Google account (which will allow you to follow the steps above to activate G+), without creating a new Gmail address. Your existing email address will be your Google account username.

Accessing Your CSG via Google+

What is Google+ and Why Are CSGs on G+?
Google+ (or G+ for short) is Google’s social network. It’s not Facebook, and it’s not Twitter – it’s something else. We’re using G+ for CSGs because it has a few features that are perfect for our purposes:

  • Full integration with Google Docs/Drive, so you can access and save the files shared by your group’s Master Teacher – and even collaborate on documents
  • Easy-to-use privacy controls, so you can decide who gets to see what you post using Circles (which we are not using)
  • A separate Communities feature, which allows us to run each Curriculum Study Group without worrying about Circles
  • Powerful mobile apps for your phone/tablet
  • Hangouts for live sessions via video chat (similar to Skype, but with Google Docs integration and more)
  • Full support for video, including integration with YouTube

A Note About “Communities” vs. “Circles” on G+

If you’ve already been using Google+, it’s important to note that Communities (the groups feature we’re using for CSGs) work very differently from “Circles.”

If you share something with a Community (such as your CSG), you’ll be asked to pick a category to post it to. Also, you can’t at the same time share it with your circles. This is to ensure that everyone in the community can see everything that’s posted, without everyone having to “circle” (or “friend”) everyone else, which would get cumbersome in a large group.

If you want to post something publicly or to your circles in addition to your CSG, post it publicly first, then use the Share button to share this post with your CSG (G+ won’t allow you to share something that’s posted to a private community, so the order is important).

If you want to contact an individual person, you can circle them, then create a new non-Community message that only includes that person.

Mobile Apps
We strongly encourage you to install the Google+ app on your phone, iPad, or other mobile device so you can easily stay up to date with the latest resources and discussions from the group. In the Apple App Store, search for “Google+” to find it. If you have an Android device, G+ may be built in; if not, check the Google Play store.